The unusually warm weather nature is delivering here on the West Coast area by the Pacific Ocean has confused the plants & critters -why??  Plants are pushing out springs & leaves towards a new growth season far too early on the annual calendar, while birds are flying in noisy circles high above with courting & nesting urges–yet the calendar says it is weeks- even months too soon–all because of an  unusual warming period here in January & February 2011.  The TV Weather People have suggested an El Nino is causing the warming to occur now in these normally mid-winter cold weeks of late January & early February. Yet the plants are responding as they awaken to new growth with small colorful little leaves pushing out of winter’s dried dull dormant stems all being seduced by a false Spring which will result in damage to the normal season of new growth…due in March-April & May. The too early beginning results in stunted 2nd growth after a later frosty chill period has seriously damaged plants of all varieties.  All creatures are similarly effected by Nature’s early heat spell’s beginning the new life for all living things that are normally dormant during the winter’s cold December,January & February for our Earth’s northern hemisphere  regions. It is the longer warming days of March, April & June that Springtime’s warming urge to grow & expand for a bountiful warm summer season’s growth in reproduction –be that in fruits, grains, trees, birds, water creatures &/or animals. We humans can only try our best to cover the plants when a freeze may occur–listen to the weather forecasts to aid  tender plants from frostbite damage. The birds may loose their first nesting to the cold yet try a 2nd time hoping to raise another family while there is warm weather & food. Plants may be stunted from erratic climate periods & all we humans can do is water, feed & prune to make-up for the damage done while focusing on another better season ahead. Such is the history of humans who give care as best we can the things we nurture to make life better for our own survival ,.& a better life.  We  humans must do our very best efforts to compensate our friends in Nature against occasional streaks of diversity created by unusual & unexpected tricks of Nature.

-Zana M. Maya