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Greg (among others) penned this little poem for Erma, as she prepares to leave this week.

Erma, Erma, Erma, what are we to do?

You’re leaving us for Woodland in just a day or two.

We’ll miss your sense of humor and the stories that you tell,

Your pleasant disposition and your stubbornness as well.

We hope your place in Woodland will give you what you wish,

Fried chicken, corn and biscuits and another favorite dish.

A lot of people wish you well, and before we say goodbye,

Let’s celebrate and gain some weight with Erma’s Chocolate Pie.


If only we could post Your Laugh!

Erma, we love you and will greatly miss you.

Keep smiling. . .Behave yourself. . .and “Keep your nose clean.”

Watch out Woodland!


“Thank you, Chris, her stay there has been amazing- you’ve been so kind and generous to my mom and my family. We will never forget the experience and are big supporters of the Tam house. Please let us know as we move forward what we can do to help keep your wonderful organization moving in a positive direction.”

~note from Erma’s son, David