Conversation Circle

Conversation Circle

Board President, Carla, enjoys visiting our houses, doing a bit of gardening, and leading us forward.  Residents are used to seeing Carla inside and outside the houses.  Her dedicated leadership has seen us through many changes.

And change is once again in the air for the board of directors and for each house.

Board:  We have welcomed Jim Lammers as a new member.  Jim brings an enthusiasm shaped by his years as a teacher and his volunteer work at St. Vincents.  Jim’s family has been a longtime partner of Tam.  In recent days, Anna and Joanne have both joined Chris to interview potential residents.  Julie and other members continue to enjoy shared meals with residents month to month.

Tam One:  We have sadly said goodbye to Marie who moved back to her beloved NYC and to Jim who needed to move for health and wellness reasons.  We miss them both!  Neill, Hugh and Ellen are quite a group of passionate readers and thinkers.  They sure get some interesting discussions going!  Robert, our tech wizard guy (and resident guitarist!), gives us much to think and smile about.  Greg has been working very hard, even through his own health challenges, and somehow manages to keep a good sense of humor.  Carolyn and Annette have both been visiting family and Alex is back from Paris!  Bob continues to be an engine of energy bustling around the house with a list of daily projects.  His latest:  picking all the pears from our tree so (former resident) Zandra can bake some wonderful dishes!

Tam Two:  We are rapidly re-building the household with new residents John and Gillian.  Great to have them with us!  This summer Michael, June, Joy, Marda and Elliott are all finding time for getaways.  We hear some fun stories!  Diane has been tending our garden areas and has already harvested some nice squash.  We still miss Joe, but our quieter guys, Richard and Charlie, carry on Joe’s gentle attitude, reminding us to slow down a bit more and take life one day at a time.

The Circles keep changing. . .a mix of smiles and sadness. . .but Tam House keeps growing right along with the Good People who call us “Home.”