Our friend Andi, who was a resident of Tam House not long ago, passed away on January 6.  Her loving family was with her.  I visited Andi now and then in The Rafael and she always had a sunny smile and a hug (Jim, another Tam friend who “lives” across the hall from Andi at The Rafael, would walk me into Andi’s room and he’d get a hug too).  

Andi was a writer, but we never got to see much of her art.  She struggled with Parkinson’s, but you’d rarely know she was “struggling” much, since she could find a smile and warm word no matter what the day felt like.  

Along with her family, those of us who knew her will be grieving her loss.  But at the same time we will carry some light and cheerful reflections of a good person whose life we will celebrate with every memory.

Peaceful thoughts and prayers for her family.  Thank you for sharing your amazing mother and grandmother with all of us at Tam House!